Redrum Fine Dining

Redrum Fine Dining was founded by the idea of presenting fresh and exquisite ingredients from the cultivated lands of Vylbrand. Each dish is handpicked by master chefs specializing in the region’s culinary cornucopia of ingredients in order to represent the best of the best the island has to offer. The restaurant’s ambiance reflects the same special care and consideration as the dishes, giving diners an eye opening experience from start to finish. Regulars have a chance to receive special tokens to allow them access to our exclusive V.I.P. lounge to experience the lavish lifestyle of true royalty. On top of this, our prices allow anyone a taste of luxury for a brief moment. Keep an eye out for latest specials and “off the book” delights.


Redrum's floor plan

Located in the heart of the Mist, Redrum Fine Dining resides in a spacious plot with plenty of scenery to chew on (before appetizers). The quaint scenery matches the change of seasons with yellowing maple trees and relaxing sounds of the outdoor pond and crashing waves just a short walk away. The restaurant includes stables for your mounts and complimentary parking by one of our attendants. Do not mind the striking dummies outside! It is for show only.*

Inside, guests are greeted by one of our many friendly guests. The darkened space and classical music immerse our dining guests into a world of pure imagination and exquisite tastes. If the bar, tables, and V.I.P. Lounge is full, you will be escorted towards the back to relax and wait for space to open. Feel free to order a drink and try one of the secret menu items from the bar to wet your appetites. Enjoy the view preprogrammed into the screen or take a peek at one of open kitchens to catch a glimpse of the action. Do not wander off into the other spaces within the restaurant (and affiliated rooms of employees and other subdivisions of the Indigo Division; we are not responsible if anything happened to you trespassing).

Downstairs is the extravagant dining hall, V.I.P Lounge, bar, and stage. Take a seat as you absorb the warm lights and performance on stage as you enjoy your meal. Keep in mind special requests for performances vary from bard to bard (they may be a novice or on edge to play exactly what you desire). Keep in mind that the V.I.P. Lounge is for guests that present the bodyguard with a special token to access. In the far back is the bar that holds a collection of Vylbrand’s best wines and spirits. Enjoy our special cocktail menu or order your own from the bartender. Don’t mind the stain in the back!

Redrum's Staff

Muta Moon (33 | Mixed Miqo'te | Restaurant Owner and GM of I.D.). Muta Moon is a walking oxymoron when it comes to running a business. He is careless with monthly expenditures but is careful about paying everyone on time. The Miqo’te can be seen sleeping in the middle of filing important documents while he has a spring in his steps when it comes to conducting business with some of the more “appealing” guests. Retirement from the military was supposed to be easy after establishing (being forced into running a free company and several of its business ventures) several subsidiaries within the guild. He was clearly lied to. He is usually either the one greeting guests into the Redrum, rubbing elbows with the “best” customers, or having a meltdown because he didn’t order enough caviar for the month.

Habu Hidori (24 | Azemiops Au Ra | I.D’s Florist & Wine Dealer). Habu Hidori is adored among I.D for his motherly compassion and intelligence, among the staff he is probably the most polite. Despite being a stranger to him, he cares for the well-being of others unless given reasons as to why he shouldn’t. Be warned, he may appear gentle but even roses have thorns once rubbed the wrong way. Although his true passion flourishes in gardening, when not dirtying his hands with fresh soil, the most profitable method is through his winery business. At the restaurant, the viper can be seen performing on stage or assisting the GM during his common shutdowns.

Luca Ademaro (25 | Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te | Waiter & Performer). Luca Ademaro will greet you with a smirk once you’ve grabbed their attention and is there to ensure you have a good time with the Division's grand selection of meals and spirits. Since their latest development in connections formed in the alleys of Limsa Lominsa and joining Muta's company, this social seeker is no stranger to working in servicing the public, and looking good while doing so. With a sharp tongue and keen eyes, Luca is the confident, or cocky, personality you'd anticipate from a model that is affiliated with multiple organizations. Having been in the entertainment industry for awhile, Luca isn't unfamiliar with wandering eyes and high praise for their work, and rather welcomes it, though their partner may or may not otherwise mind. Also, don't mind the flicking of their ears. Happens more often the more their amusement is produced, especially if among their allies.

Toba Gretno (21 | Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te | Bartender/Waiter) One of the younger members of the Division. He’s incredibly loyal to his work and what he is told to do. Toba is an ideal waiter and bartender with a good amount of charisma to boot! He’s currently helping Muta out as a "favor" but is his own boss as the Captain of the Azure Lagoon. The pirate captain is quite familiar with customer service and how the business works. He can be a bit shy but slowly opens up and reveals her confidence. However, Toba is easily flustered by flirtation and compliments from his partner.

Fae Bellveil (26 | Plainswalker Lalafell | Waitress). Fae Bellveil is one of the more... er "special" members of the Indigo Division. Aaaaannnd.. by "special", we mean she's almost always late for any sort of important event and, overall, has quite the mouth on her (though she would heavily beg to differ). The little "faerie princess" enjoys embellishing stories about her latest gathering trip or on how she narrowly avoided being reprimanded for being a couple minutes late to her waitressing shift. She's damn good at what she does, which is why some think she's narrowly still employed at the restaurant. At Redrum, she's almost always seen bouncing between tables with relative ease for someone of her stature and exchanging much laughter with the regulars. Some consider themselves lucky to have the sweet sarcastic Lalafell taking care of their table.

Camilla Heartfel (21 | Seeker of the Sun Miqo’te | Bartender & Bodyguard). This young cat girl is fairly silent and is here to help her friends. Camilla has had her fair share of work experiences from maid cafes to nightclubs of Eorzea (which have made her more anxious and defensive of herself). She may be quiet but looks intimidating (or at least she thinks). She is the walking ball of anxiety that came into the Indigo Division and quickly made friends with the members. She wants to try and make more.

Erden Kha (23 l Xaela Au Ra l Bodyguard). Erden Kha is a man with talent in magic and not much else in all honesty. When it comes to business, his only real skill is standing in place and appearing as a threat to intimidate people. He's more than willing to strike up a conversation with guests until you ask him about the Kha clan (you run the risk of getting stabbed if you ask him about it).

Dining Menu


Freshwater Caviar ( 3000 GIL). Fresh caviar harvested from the beautiful Emperor Fish (that are native to Vylbrand of course!) at its most mature age. Served with several blinis, in house made crème fraiche, and a wedge of lemon (You will receive Flint Caviar upon payment).

Fresh Oysters (3000 GIL). A dozen shelled oysters fresh from Western La Noscea’s coast are served chilled with an assortment of different side toppings including wedges of lemon and a classic mignonette. Adding tequila and hot sauce costs extra (You will receive Oysters in a Half Shell upon payment).

Gourmet Popoto Soup (2000 GIL). A classic soup with blended russet popotos, leeks, sweet cream imported from Easter La Noscea. It’s garnished with fresh parsley, freshly shredded sharp cheddar cheese and bacon crumbles (You will receive Chilled Popoto Soup upon payment).

Tomato & Balsamic Salad (2000 GIL). The simple salad features the freshest leafy greens and plumpest tomatoes from Outer Noscea. Thick slices of in-house mozzarella are layered between slices of tomatoes. A thick, tangy balsamic vinegar is served separately (You will receive Blood Tomato Salad upon payment).


Bison Porterhouse with the Works (4500 GIL). A succulent and tender 24oz Porterhouse dry aged for a week before being seared quickly and served medium rare (always, there are no exceptions!) in a herbal compound butter baste. Comes with a side of smashed popotos, sautéed leeks, and a side of drippings (You will receive Loaghtan Steak upon payment).

Squid Ink Pasta (3000 GIL). Fresh angel hair pasta made in house daily and tossed briney squid ink sauce The dish is garnished with several white wine-steamed mussels and sea urchin . A complimentary wet napkin is included for the black stains (You will receive Spaghetti al Nero upon payment).

Salmon Meuniere (3500 GIL). A simple yet sophistically executed lightly crusted salmon filet and drizzled in a rich lemon butter and capers sauce. Served over a bed of wild rice and steamed seasonal vegetables (You will receive Sermon-worthy Meuniere upon payment).

Black Truffle Risotto (3000 GIL). A sinfully delightful dish of high end Grana Padano cheese, sticky rice, and shavings of rare black truffles deep in Outer Noscea (You will receive Black Truffle Risotto upon payment).


Fig Bavarois (2000 GIL). A velvety and lightly floral jelly that’s adorned with famous figs from Wineport’s orchards and drizzled with honey and a vanilla pod. (You will receive Fig Bavarois upon payment).

Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Mousse (2500 GIL). A light, fluffy vanilla bean cake is topped with a deep rich dark chocolate mousse. The dish is finished off with fresh whipped cream, a dark chocolate hazelnut bonbon, roughly chopped hazelnuts, and a caramel drizzle. (You will receive Sohm Al Tart upon payment).

Seasonal Jellied Compote (2500 GIL). Succulent seasonal fruits in a flavorful jelly (including apple slices) topped with cool whipped cream. (You will receive Jellied Compote upon payment).

Seasonal Cheesecake (2500 GIL). Moist and tender cheesecake made from fresh night milk cream is topped with seasonal fruit compote.. (You will receive Rolanberry Cheesecake upon payment).

Bar Menu


Spring Water (Free). Fresh spring water bottled at the source of Eastern La Noscea (You will receive Crescent Spring Water).

Coffee (1000 GIL). A distinct coffee bean that’s harvested from the wild jungles of Outer La Noscea. Comes with sugar and cream upon request (You will receive Triple Cream Coffee upon payment.).

Tea (500 GIL). A refreshing black tea to wake the senses and taste buds before your meal. Comes with sugar and cream upon request (You will receive Ishgardian Tea upon payment.).


Redrum Fine Dining offers a wide range of spirits, wines, and beers on tap! Feel free to order our specialty cocktails or ask for your own unique drink. It may wind up on the menu one day.

WINE. 500 GIL per glass or 2000 GIL for a bottle (4 servings) (You will receive Grape Juice upon payment.).

BEER. 400 GIL per Glass (You will receive Doman Tea upon payment.).

SPIRITS & MIXED COCKTAILS. 1000 GIL per glass (You will receive Spiced Cider upon payment.).


Abby Cocktail (2000 GIL). A citrus delight of Lillet Blanc Apéritif, a splash of orange juice, and a kiss of orange bitters (You will receive Orange Juice upon payment.).

Pineapple Mimosa (2000 GIL). A mimosa that’s for any time of the day. Orange juice is accompanied by a healthy splash of Red Reborn Champagne (You will receive Pineapple Juice upon payment.).

Sunset's Kiss (2000 GIL). A sweet but bitter mixture of loquat juice, dark rum, & loquat peel. A drink best suited to share with another when it gets cold at night (You will receive Loquat Juice upon payment.).

Butterfly Effect (2000 GIL). A kaleidoscope of flavor and a future storm of trouble, the cocktail is a mixture of Lemon Vodka, Green Chartreuse, Velvet Falernum Liqueur, and “Butterfly Tea” shaken together. It’s finished off with a splash of lemon juice and garnished with edible flowers (You will receive Purple Carrot Juice upon payment.).

King's Banquet (3000 GIL). Eat and drink like a king in a convenient large glass. Along with using in house tomato juice and vodka, the cocktail is garnished with an assortment of Hors d'Oeuvres including: raw jumbo shrimp, smoked oysters, lemon wedges, pickle spears, chunks of cheddar cheese, slices of fried bacon, and more! Celery salt lines the rim of the glass (You will receive Blood Tomato Juice upon payment.).

The Bee's Knees (2000 GIL). The Bee’s Knees is simple but complex in the masterful mixing of the drink! Enjoy the floral gin with a splash of lemon juice, a honey swirl around the glass, and a garnish of a lemon peel (You will receive Lemonade upon payment.).

Tipsy Sorbet (2500 GIL). Enjoy a cool yet boozy dessert of Wineport! Several scoops of homemade sorbet is accompanied by plenty of bubbly Red Reborn to end your night with a different type of sweet (You will receive Frozen Spirit upon payment.).